Waenlan Háe

Waenlan Háe is one of the greatest elven cities still standing. It is located in the middle of the forest Greywood and is considered a capital for High Elves of the region. The city is named after the god of magic, Wylan.

The city is built out of a lonely peak of mountain in the middle of Greywood. All the foundations of the buildings are carved and molded out of the natural grey granite rock of the mountain. Most of the walls are made of strong, clear or colored glass with decorative silver frames. Silver and grey are the dominant colors in Waenlan Háe and many attribute the name of Greywood to the beauty of the city.

Waenlan Háe is ruled by a council of three elders, all strong wizards: Gaethlin of the Night whose beauty it is said to be everlasting, her sister Freiye the Sleeper and the youngest and the only male, Joëm of Dewlin, sometimes referred to as the Prince of Greywood by other races as he is the one most often seen travelling.

Almost without exception all Waenlan Háe residents are High Elves, but the city is happy to welcome visitors from other races, especially for its famous Spring Markets. During the festive markets is not rare to see human, dwarven, or even halfling traders in the city.

Waenlan Háe

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