Fall of Avondale

The sacking of Avondale this passing autumn.

The Orc Horde, including Giants, attacked the Wizard School when the first light of morning touched the gold of the city’s highest spire. Avondale’s War Wizards put up a fiery defence, but for reasons unknown to the public the defenders all fell as one before the sun shone fully on Lancomb Valley, leaving the Mage City unprotected. The Horde entered the city to rape and pillage, leaving Avondale a grey ruin on the windy mountaintop. Gone are now the clouds that covered the base of the city, fallen are the towers. The glamour that once made Avondale a wonder to behold has faded, leaving but bleak stone more aged than it should be.

General Flavius led a cavalry charge into the flank of the Orc army, but not until Avondale had already fallen. The Orcs left Avondale the next night, taking many slaves and treasures with them.

What few survivors there were of the attack are now housed in The Black Hall.

Fall of Avondale

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