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  • Spells

    Link your custom spells below. These are spells that have seen use in games. Suggestions for new spells belong in, well, [[Suggestions]]. h4. Cleric spells h4. Wizard spells h6. Level One [[Grease]] h6. Level Three [[Skywalk]] h6. Level …

  • Gale of Ahriman

    Wizard Level Five Evocation A hurricane wind rushes in the direction you are facing. It pushes all creatures to _near_ range and inflicts 2d4 falling damage to them. As long as spell is maintained (i.e. you do not move or act) missile fire upwind is …

  • Grease

    h5. Wizard Level Three *ongoing* Covers a single object or a surface the size of a small room in a slippery substance. Holding an object pr quickly crossing an area affected by this spell is very difficult (for PCs, this requires a Defy Danger with …

  • Skywalk

    h5. Wizard Level Three *ongoing* You make yourself or another willing target move through the air at a walking pace. Created by [[:jorn]].