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  • Ettin

    The Ettin are a boisterous race of humans from the far north. These lively people are marked by fair colouration and enormous stature - Ettin men under 6 feet are considered short, and their women are taller than most men of other races. According to …

  • Dwarves

    A sturdy folk that lives under the mountains mining the wealth that the earth has to offer. Dwarves are known to be skilled craftsmen and especially dwarven weapons and armors are highly valued among the other races. One of the most well-known dwarven …

  • Elves

    A race of immortal beings considered uniformly beautiful by most Humans. Their long lifespans allow them access to unrivaled skill and knowledge in many fields. Elves are believed by many to be one of the first races of the world. Elves can be …

  • Deep Elves

    A race of beings that were once one with the beauteous [[Elves]], but were banished into the depths of the earth for their evil deeds, of which stories of many kinds are told. Legend has it that Deep Elves have become as grotesque and misshapen in body as …

  • Half-Elves

    The offspring of an [[Elves|Elf]] and a member of another race, they combine the traits of both their parents.

  • Orcs

    A hate-driven race that vary greatly in shape and colouration, but are, as a rule, bestial and brutish versions of humans. Accounts of Orcs depict them as congregating into marauding bands led by the strongest individual.