Nora Stredd

Fallen Paladin


A handsome, athletic young woman with close-cropped brown hair and grim eyes. Her severity of look and habit gave her the epithet ‘Iron Maiden’ when she was the Captain of the Guard in the City of Blackhall. She left this position under the cover of darkness to rescue her mother, the former High Mayor Nera Stredd, during the Fall of Avondale. In doing so she disobeyed a direct and lawful order from General Flavius of the Iron Crown, therefore forfeiting her status as a paladin of Dorn. The popular song ‘Goldilocks in the Iron Maiden’ suggests that the General and the Captain had had an intimate relationship; these rumours have not been verified, but it is known that the two were close friends during their formative years.

Nora and her mother have not been seen near the city since the night she left. Miria Stredd, Nora’s younger sister, still lives in the family mansion in Blackhall.

Nora Stredd has an outstanding warrant for desertion in Blackhall. The customary penalty for this is death.

Nora Stredd

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