Welcome to Ludonia!

Ludonia is a placeholder name for a world of high fantasy and great deeds that began with a meadow. Yep, a meadow, with flowers and other weeds. The setting has expanded explosively ever since as an exercise in co-operative world-building. Two ongoing campaigns, Iron Crown and Swamp Trouble, and regular one-shots provide flesh and bone to the world as-and-when needed, and not before. We will not have our hands tied or imaginations restricted. Only that which has been established during the game exists, and even that may be a lie.

Any participant can add things to this wiki, as long as they have been brought up in the game, but remember that these are only subjective impressions, not Truths!

For things that would be neat, go to the Suggestions page. That is where you announce what sort of things you would like to see added to the campaign world, and where you can go for inspiration!

As some may notice, we have taken bits and pieces from sources like the Greyhawk campaign setting and GURPS Religion, and proceeded by perverting them to our needs. Our thanks go out to their creators for the inspiration!

Dungeon World rules

Game on!


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