Wylan Dreamweaver, as the humans know him, is the imprisoned patron of magic, prophecy and mischief. The Elves, on the other hand, recognize the same entity as Waenlan Spellsinger, the Giver of Magic, a goddess they revere rather than worship. There is one thing all agree upon: it is always hard to tell what this deity is about.

Wylan Dreamweaver

Human legend tells that Wylan was born of Aesha, the mother of Keldan, Asta and Dorn, and sired by a divine being. His beginning and end are told in The Birth of Wylan and Wylan’s Doom.

Although outlawed by the Church of Keldan, worship of Wylan is suspected to be widespread among wizards and other learned individuals. Oneiromancy, or prophetic dreaming, is central to the worship of Wylan.

Waenlan Spellsinger

In high elven culture Wylan, or Waenlan, as the deity is named in Elvish, is very important. She – for the high elves tend to depict this god as female – is worshiped or at least greatly respected especially by all elven mages, but also by most elves who live in cities. Because of the humans’ negative attitude towards Wylan, Waenlan’s role in elven culture is not often mentioned to outsiders. Most humans who get to hear about her usually understand Waenlan as a completely different god from Wylan and many times this vagueness is intentional on the elves’ part. In elven stories Waenlan creates magic to the world as a gift for the most patient and devoted. Her favor is not believed necessary for using magic, but it is considered only polite to remember and honor her.

In the many elven songs and stories, Waenlan is a beautiful, slightly wayward elven-like female. Waenlan is often pictured as only a young girl as many of the stories concentrate on her childhood when she is told to create magic through laughter or song, depending on the source.


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