High Elves

High elves is a culturally diverged, urbanized faction of the elven race.

The most distinctive feature of high elven culture is the nearly worship-like importance of magic. Wylan, Waenlan in elvish, the god of magic is highly respected in every aspect of high elven culture. There are old stories of a god of holy light being worshiped by the high elves before they began worshiping Waenlan and taking magic as the center of their attentions.

High elven culture holds connection to magic as important as hearing or seeing. The great respect for the arcane arts shows even in their dialect of elvish with many sayings and proverbs. Nearly every high elven child is said to be born sensitive to magic in one way or another. Many High Elves have a very negative, even racist attitude towards half-elves, as their innate abilities in magic are believed to be smaller than pure blood elves’ and the mixing of human blood in elven is a bad idea. Some have even gone as far as to say that high elves are so dependent on their magic that it could be described as an addiction.

Most high elves live in big cities that are characterized by excessive use of magic in their architecture. As a good example, Waenlan Háe is a city told to have been built completely by magical means out of a lonely mountaintop. High elven craftsmanship is valued everywhere as they are capable of making incredibly detailed and refined handicraft using powerful magic and traditional crafting methods together.

The most respected members of high elf communities are the wizards. Most cities are governed by wizard royalty or councils of exceptionally strong mages. Studying magic is part of every high elf’s life, regardless of their profession. Wherever there are high elves there are schools, scholars and great libraries. Usually they consider these fountains of knowledge open to all elves and sometimes even few distinguished members of other races.

There isn’t much ethnic difference between high elves and other elves and their difference seems to be mostly in culture. In some places such as Greywood these two nations live harmoniously side by side, but they usually have their own rulers.

High Elves

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