A sturdy folk that lives under the mountains mining the wealth that the earth has to offer. Dwarves are known to be skilled craftsmen and especially dwarven weapons and armors are highly valued among the other races. One of the most well-known dwarven cities is Khaz Realgar under the mountain range of Avor Marr.

Family is very important in dwarven society. Families descended from the same pair of ancestors may form clans. Clans are led by the oldest dwarf who takes on the persona of the founders and therefore only addressed by the family name (e.g. the head of Clan Dùrin is called The Dùrin).

Very little is known about dwarven religion but some clans are known to follow Kord.

A typical formal greeting between Dwarves consists of the knocking together of foreheads and followed by the listing of ancestors. It can take considerable amount of time and therefore in informal situations the listing is often shortened to just and the name of the clan and father.


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