A city that has grown around The Black Hall, an ancient obsidian fortress overlooking the river Crystalflood in Lancomb Valley. The city suffered greatly under The Red Tyrant, who was brought down some centuries ago by the Order of the Honest Chancellor. The region has been under the Order’s authority ever since.

Although Lancomb is ruled by the Order, by ancient custom Blackhall governs itself, much like a vassal city state. For instance, keeping the peace between the city’s outer walls and those of The Black Hall falls under the jurisdiction of the City Guard, who have very limited official powers in the lands beyond. Likewise, the City Council and the High Mayor have final say on policy, but have been governing at the sufferance of the Order until recently.

The City Council’s influence waxed in the aftermath of the Battle of the Crimson Crossing, which saw the destruction of about three quarters of the Order’s fighting strength. It’s ability to effectively secure the surrounding countryside severely hindered, the Order’s patrols have been only a small part of the military presence of local government. The City Guard, on the other hand, has recruited heavily, especially mercenaries and other veterans, and bear the heaviest burden in protecting nearby settlements.

The Council’s increasing resistance against the Order was spearheaded by High Mayor Nera Stredd, but after her arrest by an Avondale War Wizard this movement has stumbled. Councilman Fredro, her temporary successor, is a bureaucrat distinctly lacking the charisma it takes to lead a political block.

A further blow came when the Captain of the City Guard, the High Mayor’s daughter Nora Stredd abandoned her duties during the Fall of Avondale, apparently to extract her mother from the mages who had her imprisoned. Although her replacement is a capable young man, the loss of “The Iron Maiden” has affected morale.

At present the City is on a war footing, recruiting, training and equipping troops as quickly as possible for General Flavius’s army. Refugees from Orc-ravaged settlements have swelled the population considerably, and tension is mounting. The taking in of refugees from Avondale, whom locals consider haughty and unreliable, has stoked passions. So far violent altercations have been averted.


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