From the original draft of Jorn ibn-Omar ibn-Rashid al-Maghrib’s Notes on Northern Bestiary:

This specimen of the Aurumvorax, or ‘Gold-eater’ as the natives have dubbed it, remains in excellent condition. Its fur of Gold turned away blade and arrow, but hemlock and blue poppy mixed with mercury proved effective when administered orally.

The subject’s weasel-like body stretches 4 feet 11 inches nose-to-tail. Estimated weight in excess of 500 pounds; improvised methods of measurement limited at present, body too massive to reliably transport to proper facilities due to mountain terrain and inclement weather.

Samples: fur, skull, tongue, 8 paws. blood

-Each muscular leg terminates in four-clawed paw with hint of hand-like structure. Sharp claws (average 1 inch long, five-sixths-inch circumference at base) appear to be pure copper, but judging by marks on lair walls (granite) significantly harder than typical.

-Teeth of similar copper, slightly flattened on inside curve. Structure suggests carnivorous diet to supplement hereby confirmed intake of precious metals.

-Tongue (9 inches long, 18 ounces) greyish black in colour, upper surface coarse enough to effectively sharpen a steel dagger.

-Fur is thick, consistent in structure with local analogs, scaled to size. Hairs are long and match the qualities of pure gold.

-Blood proved typical mammalian red, but with a slight metallic tint. Weight only slightly less than equal amount of liquid gold. Seems to stay fresh longer than normal blood.

I am saddened to note the demise of one of our hired bearers. In spite of all warnings he ingested the meat of the Aurumvorax. He presented no nausea, but the next day he complained of pain in his bowels. I gave him a laxative of powdered briowen seeds mixed with liqourice shavings and brewed in water. Although the treatment seemed to be working as intended, its effectiveness against the poison remains a mystery, for when he hastened to relieve himself off a precipice, he stumbled and fell to his death. May Whe’Jaz keep well his soul!


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