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  • Blue Sun

    A golden pendant with a sun motif surrounding a sapphire. An evil presence has recently awoken within. The Blue Sun resurfaced from obscurity after being stolen from [[:shalmar-the-southerner]] in [[Jepartime]].

  • Jepartime

    This riverside settlement has recently grown from a sleepy trading post into a bustling town. The Jepartime route has become particularly popular among caravans plying the [[Parthos]]-[[Silver Sea]] route. The town has become an attractive enough …

  • Shalmar the Southerner

    A caravan leader and member of the [[Merchants' Guild]] of [[Jepartime]]. A big-bellied, passionate man native to the shores of the [[Silver Sea]]. Former owner of the [[:blue-sun]], which he hired a group of adventurers to recover after its theft.