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  • Bloodford

    A small village of some twenty families a week's travel north of [[Parthos]] along an overgrown cart path. Sitting in a dead end mountain valley, and lacking any resources of note, it would be quite forgotten were it not for the [[Battle of the Crimson …

  • Ironheart Mountains

    A steep mountain range that separates the domains of [[Parthos]] to the south and [[Blackhall]] to the north. The name is commonly thought to reflect the harsh environment of the mountains as they are distinctly lacking in iron deposits.

  • Battle of the Crimson Crossing

    The Battle of the Crimson Crossing was fought around [[Crimson Crossing|a ford]] at the southern edge of the [[Ironheart Mountains]] ten years ago. The bloodiest battle in all of history, it is estimated that no more than one in ten of combatants survived …

  • Dancing Cockerel

    This tavern serves the social and commercial needs of the village of [[Bloodford]]. They serve a decent ale and hearty stew, and the loft is quite a comfortable place to sleep for the weary traveler. The staff, especially [[:rose-of-bloodford|Rose]] the …

  • Crimson Crossing

    A humble ford a few hours' walk upstream of [[Bloodford]]. The site of the [[Battle of the Crimson Crossing]].

  • Rebecka

    A cripplingly shy teenage girl who tries her best to hide the partial burns on her face with a tangled mess of brown curls. She was adopted by the old priestess of [[Asta]] when she wandered into the village scarred by the fires of the [[Battle of the …

  • Rodrik

    A stocky, uncouth man in his thirties, Rodrik likes to traipse around [[Bloodford]] looking important. He is, after all, the "Captain of the Guard" - a title he has earned by the simple distinction of having received actual military training. He wears the …

  • Brun

    Dwarven blacksmith in [[Bloodford]]. Called Brunhild because he lacks a beard.

  • Rose of Bloodford

    This bonnie lass keeps the customers of the [[Dancing Cockerel]] happy by serving beer, stew and sultry smiles.