Wylan's Triad

The single most notorious amulet in the World


A triangle of entwined threads of silver and platinum with a colourless pearl floating in the middle. A fine chain of platinum and silver is fastened to one corner of the triangle to make a pendant out of it.

Tales of warning about Wylan’s Triad are found in all cultures, and it is immediately recognizable to all.

The last time Wylan’s Triad is known to have surfaced was in the events following the Fall of Avondale and the devastating attack of an undead army in the Lancomb Valley. General Flavius Ottovan De Marquis’ troops managed to destroy the massive undead army through magic and salvage the castle of Blackhall, but not before the city and the surrounding countryside were thoroughly ravaged. It is said that the General’s wizard adviser used the Triad in the ritual conducted by the Champion of Asta to help vanquish the undead, some even claim that the Triad was destroyed in it, its power consumed to fuel the ritual.

Before that it was last seen ages ago, when it was the cause for a war between Elves and Humans, and is said to have been left in the Elves’ care afterwards.

Wylan's Triad

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