The Heroslayer

Knife that yearns for the souls of the mighty

weapon (melee)

A grim-looking, razor-sharp cold iron knife adorned only with a single, immaculately cut ruby in it’s pommel. Possibly the artifact the Elves are the most reluctant to admit to ever having wrought, it has garnered infamy since it’s creators were young. The bloody spirit of the blade hungers for the souls of the great and powerful, and tries to bend any who grasp it to it’s murderous will. All who succumb find themselves capable of wielding the weapon with preternatural ease.

The Heroslayer’s victims are beyond counting, and include the respected official in whose honour the Order of the Honest Chancellor was founded. The Order has reportedly found the dread blade, and it is rumoured to have been locked away somewhere in the bowels of The Black Hall.

The Heroslayer

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