Sword of Order

A holy sword of the order of the honest chancellor

weapon (melee)

Unmeasurably expensive, god-made weapon


A great two-handed sword of divine origin said to have been wielded by Keldan himself to behead the malignant and tumorous god of pestilence and mutation. There is no flesh, mortal or otherwise, that this blade could not cut.

The Sword of Order has been the badge of authority of the Grand Meister of the Order of the Honest Chancellor for centuries, and their most treasured relic. It was looted off the body of Grand Maester Sir Horace Diavanont by the Hordemaster in the aftermath of the Fall of Avondale. General Flavius recovered it from the Hordemaster’s cold. dead hand and returned it to Sir Garrin, Sir Horace’s successor.

The Sword of Order has since been used to destroy the King of Bones in the depths of Avondale and – after it was passed on to Sir Yorick of HighburgThe Dog of War at the Siege of Blackhall.

Its current bearer is Grand Maester Yorick Highburg.

Sword of Order

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