Banner of Lord Rutger

The relic of a fallen hero


The banner bearing the coat of arms of Lord Rutger – a white horse and a black horse rampant facing away from each other on a green field – mounted on an oak staff with a crossbeam carved in the shape of charging steeds.

Lord Rutger was a noted member of the Order of the Honest Chancellor and cavalier who rode off to the Battle of the Crimson Crossing ten years ago. He fell fighting a holding action against the enemy, and was witnessed to have died propping up the banner of his fathers. After the battle, however, the banner had disappeared.

According to Sir Yorick of Highburg, the banner had been taken by looters, and eventually found its way into the hands of a band of adventurers who had sought to stash it in a catacomb, the restless denizens of which proved to be their demise. Sir Yorick and Sir Stephen Cormack successfully recovered the banner – which had miraculously remained immaculate throughout the decade – some weeks ago. The banner and pole is presently en route to Blackhall by boat under the care of Sir Stephen, and is expected to arrive at Leawick in a week.

Banner of Lord Rutger

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