The sacred prostitute-mother


A cleric of Asta in Blackhall. She is a beautiful and confident woman in her late twenties and her body is covered in tattoos that affirm the devotion of her body’s service to Asta’s cause.

She belongs to a sect that believes Asta’s love should be delivered unto all, and that new life is a blessing. Some of them, like Tretia, work in brothels to achieve the “blessed state”, and bear their children into the care of the church.

Tretia gained some degree of fame during the Siege of Blackhall, where she was one of the very few capable healers left when the castle gates were closed. In spite of her advanced pregnancy she stayed near the frontlines to aid the defenders until she was wounded by an arrow. The injury sent her into premature labour, and it is only through the efforts of Aelfar, Asta’s Champion, that mother and daughter both survived.

Aelfar named the green-eyed child Dina, which means ‘faith’ or ‘hope’ in his native tongue.


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