Sir Garrin

Grand Maester of the Order of the Honest Chancellor, ex-Armsmaster


The most experienced surviving Knight of the Honest Chancellor, he was tasked with training new recruits after the Battle of the Crimson Crossing. Not entirely happy to leave a life of adventure for the training grounds of The Blackhall, he nonetheless has served with great distinction during his ten years as Armsmaster. He took on the mantle of Grand Maester when his predecessor, Sir Horace Diavanont fell at the hands of the Hordemaster in the aftermath of the Fall of Avondale.

Although not a particularly handsome man, tall or otherwise impressive physically, he has a very strong presence (with no little amount of menace) and is extremely fit. A practical man, he speaks softly, shouts loudly, and fights with inordinate skill.

Due to the great sacrifices he made to defeat The King of Bones, Sir Garrin is now a feeble, wasted shadow of what he used to be. Because of his current infirmity, which prevents him from moving without support, he has passed on the title of Grand Maester to Sir Yorick of Highburg.

Sir Garrin

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