A big fish in a small pond


A stocky, uncouth man in his thirties, Rodrik likes to traipse around Bloodford looking important. He is, after all, the “Captain of the Guard” – a title he has earned by the simple distinction of having received actual military training. He wears the sword of his office proudly.

Rodrik came to the area as a young man-at-arms in the host of one of the many nobles who led troops to their deaths at the Battle of the Crimson Crossing. Rodrik survived suspiciously unscathed. Any trained warrior can easily tell this man has very little experience of actual combat.

Although not a veteran of many battles, the people of Bloodford have been well served by “Captain” Rodrik. So far his meager knowledge of tactics and drill have been sufficient for keeping the aimlessly wandering undead at bay.


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