Orphaned caretaker of Asta's shrine in Bloodford


Rebecka is the equivalent of a priest with a skill of 4.
*Ministry: When you make camp with Rebecka, if you would normally heal, you heal 4 HP more.
*First Aid: When Rebecka staunches your wounds, heal 8 HP. You take -1 forward as her healing is painful and distracting.


A cripplingly shy teenage girl who tries her best to hide the partial burns on her face with a tangled mess of brown curls. She was adopted by the old priestess of Asta when she wandered into the village scarred by the fires of the Battle of the Crimson Crossing. Although a capable healer, she hadn’t yet been inducted into the cult of Asta when her adoptive mother succumbed to age and illness last winter. She has maintained the shrine and continued the goddesses work to the best of her ability.


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