Nera Stredd

Former High Mayor of Blackhall


A distinguished woman who was voted to replace her husband as the High Mayor of Blackhall when he fell in the Battle of the Crimson Crossing. In the ten years of her governance, the city has made great gains in power, even eclipsing the diminished Order of the Honest Chancellor in military prominence, taking over the patrolling of the surrounding lands.

Nera’s reign came to an abrupt end when a War Wizard from Avondale arrested her for arranging the murder of the Mage Envoy. She was taken to the dungeons beneath the Mages’ Guild, from where she was rescued by her elder daughter Nora Stredd during the Orc attack.

Nera Stredd has disappeared with Nora. Her younger daughter, Miria Stredd, remains in the city.

Nera Stredd

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