Largo Pipelong of the Rivermeadows

A halfling bard fond of good food and deep elves. His instrument is an ocarina.


Coming from a family with a long tradition for making pipes, Largo lost his parents early.
He was taken in by his uncle Lesto, a travelling storyteller who faught in the battle of the Bloodford as a marksman.
To complement Lesto, Largo learned to play the Ocarina and soon discovered his ability to weave the tunes into insprational or soothing songs, suppressing any disorder of mind and reaching out into deep and magical slumber.
Turned arrogant by his ability to influence peoples mind and greedy by all the riches he saw but never called his own he began to enchant the commoners in the taverns and the women into his bed.

Being called a fool and troublemaker he broke away from his uncle, setting out as a selfmade bard, with nothing but a short sword, a small bow and his mightiest weapon, his Ocarina.

Largo Pipelong of the Rivermeadows

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