Jack of All Trades

A self-sacrificing burglar


Hireling: Burglar 4, Warrior 2


A wiry man in his 20s, of a nondescript appearance. Hides an elven cloak beneath sealskin, and carries a crossbow and a ten-foot pole.

Got his name for trying out apprenticing in just about every trade in Blackhall, but has apparently ended up “a locksmith”. Got into trouble with the law at some point, but “came to an arrangement” with the Guard Captain.

Jack was hired by General Flavius for his expeditions to the ruins of Avondale. During the second expedition Jack caused a distraction which allowed the heroes to reach the King of Bones and destroy him.

Afterward, Jack was found dead in the corridors of Avondale’s Forbidden Vaults, literally scared to death. He was given a hero’s burial in The Black Hall.

Jack of All Trades

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