Gwynn the Ox

Gentle giant


Good human male
Fighter lvl 5

Str 18 (3) Dex 13 (1) Con 18 (+3) Int (0) Wis 8 (-1) Cha 12 (0)

Signature weapon: weathered Woodsman’s axe, dmg d10+2, messy, forceful

HP 28, Armor 3 (chain armor, shield, Iron Hide)

Advanced Moves: Timber! (aka Merciless), Armor Mastery, Iron Hide, Smash! (see Barbarian), The Bigger They Are… (aka Bloodthirsty)


This strapping lad is a typical scion of the Littlefield family: a tall figure sculpted by hard physical labour and topped by a tangled mop of auburn hair. Gwynn might be frighteningly imposing if it weren’t for his implacably friendly green eyes that bring to mind a gentle puppy.

Gwynn grew up on the Littlefield farm outside Amstad with a gaggle of robust siblings. After his father never returned from the Battle of the Crimson Crossing ten years ago, Mama Littlefield has raised the lot alone, but with a firm hand. She has a reputation in the region as a particularly formidable woman, and it is said she could bring down an armoured knight with a single swing of her rolling pin.

Gwynn left Littlefield not out of any sort of wanderlust, but because of love. Terminally smitten by Annika Potter years ago, he started doing a myriad of odd jobs to earn enough money for a gift that would convince her father of his worth. The consensus around town is that Gwynn’s efforts are in vain due to Annika’s political value, but no one, not even Annika, has had the heart to set the poor boy straight. When Annika was recently engaged to Trevor of Jepartime, the son of a wealthy merchant, Gwynn took the place of his good friend Thomas Bemming as the assistant of Sistra, Aldrig and Irina Faustin on their quest. The logging camp where he’d worked last was no longer enough to keep him distracted from thoughts of his beloved.

Gwynn wields Wendy, his massive, double-bladed woodsman’s axe, in one hand – something which few can do effectively.

Gwynn the Ox

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