Flavius Ottovan De Marquis

A former paladin of the order of the honest chancellor


27 hp, 4 armor (Platemail + shield), 1h sword (+1 damage), paladin/cleric


Flavius was born into a noble family. The middle son of a three child family, his father a notable military officer Louis De Marquis and his mother a noblewoman Loretta De Marquis from Parthos. His childhood was very happy, until one day daddy didn’t come back from his travels and mommy refused to talk more of it. A gifted child when it came to chores and physical labor, but never shone in schooling. The only subject he was mentioned as having mastered thoroughly, was geography.

Flavius entered the same paladin order his father was a member of, to prove that the family lineage meant something and was not to be forgotten. He was rigorously trained and became a very pious man. Keldan was clearly blessing him, at least in his own eyes.

Some would say that he was a dim-witted oaf, just trundling along with ridiculously good luck on his travels, but those tongues were usually on the receiving end of his blade.

Flavius’ Journal

Flavius Ottovan De Marquis

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