From the slave of the Orcs into a wife of one


Fida was the caretaker of a shrine to Asta at one of the villages in Lancomb Valley. She was captured in an Orc raid during the Horde incursion.

Fida was encountered by Halwyr of Greywood in the Orcs’ slave pits when the latter attempted to direct the Hordemaster’s attention toward Avondale (see Fall of Avondale). Fida tended to the injuries Halwyr had suffered during her capture and interrogation.

When Aranwe led the slave revolt during General Flavius‘s recapture of the Sword of Order Fida rallied the slaves to this forlorn hope. She was recovered, badly injured, by Aelfar during the heroes’ retreat from the Horde’s lair.

Later, having settled in Blackhall, Halwyr convinced Fida to become the mate and companion of Tragroum, the Half-orcish scoutmaster, in return for his services to the bearer of The Iron Crown.

The last news of Fida was of her and Tragroum leading some dozens of villagers away from Lancomb Valley in the company of Content Not Found: iontario


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