Emery the Swampwalker

A magical being who wanders the swamps west of Amstad


Emery (or Emrhyh as his actual name is spelled) is a fabled goblin, who lives in the Forgotten Swamp. He wanders around the perimeter of it’s center, offering would-be-heroes prices and bargains on goods he has acquired along the years.

Emery is a mysterious being. Although appearing very goblinlike in form, any magic sensing being can tell it is obviously merely an “outfit” he has deemed useful. Emery is a very smooth talking bargainer and usually offers something very interesting for anyone happening to come across his path. For a price of course.

Emery is followed by a magical donkey, who he refers to as “Sir Carriot” or “Sir Carry-It”, depending on how you want to interpret his dialect. Apparently there’s a story to it, but thus far nobody’s been able to wrench it away from Emery. The donkey carries a venerable mobile trophy cabinet on it’s back, seemingly uncaring of the weight or hindrance it should cause.

Emery exchanged stories with the adventuring party he encountered, and told them of The Sleepless, the Orcs, the Goblins and the Boglins. He also let them know about The Barrows some ways south of the swamp proper.

Emery the Swampwalker

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