An eccentric druid who lives near the village of Amstad.


A neutral human druid, lvl 10
STR +1, DEX 0, CON 0, INT +1, WIS +3, CHA +1
HP 19
Weapon: a two-handed staff, damage d6
Hide armor +1
ADVANCED MOVES: Communion of Whispers, Shed, Thin-talker, World-talker, Elemental Mastery, Embracing No Form, Weather Weaver, Camouflage (ranger), Animal companion (ranger)

Aldrig dresses in rags that look like he has just added another layer when the old one had worn out and who knows what lives in those folds. He looks like a man in his fifties with his granite grey hair which is also his tell when shapeshits.

A fox pup with white paws.
Ferocity +1, Cunning +2, 1 Armor, Instinct +1
Strengths: stealthy
Training: search, scout
Weakness: stubborn



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