A dwarf and former priest of Kord, now servant of Asta,


Asta’s cleric, lvl 7, good
STR +1, DEX 0, CON +1, INT +1, WIS +3, CHA 0
Damage d6, Armor +2, HP 20
ADVANCED MOVES: Chosen One, The Scales of Life and Death, Serenity, Empower, Devoted Healer, Anointed

Bald Dwarf with sharp eyes. He used to have a handsome light brown beard but it burned when he was saving Maud from a fire and now to his great shame it is short. Also his head used to be covered with tattoos as a symbol that he was a cleric of Kord but now they have disappeared.


Aelfar, son of Kilmar from the Clan of Dùrin
I was born in the stronghold of Khaz Realgar under the mountains of Avor Marr. There is very little that can compare with the magnificance of Khaz Realgar’s crimson-black walls and the beauty of its genious architecture. For many centuries have Dwarves mined under the Avor Marr and searched for the riches that the roots of this earth have to give. The vaults are full of gold, silver and diamonds that our skilled craftsmen and women have made into beatiful artifacts. There is also lot of iron in the stones of Avor Marr and from which our blacksmiths have forged steel and practical but beautiful weapons. My father Kilmar is one Khaz Realgar’s most skilled weaponsmiths and my mother Gilda crafts beautiful gadgets from gold, silver and other minerals. I also wanted to be a smith but my parents and the world seemed to have other plans for me.

I have been worshipping Kord ever since I was old enough to understand the concept of a god. Like the traditions go my parents took me to the Kord’s temple where the priests thought me and all the other young Dwarves everything about Kord that we needed to know. I wasn’t initially planing about becoming a servant of Kord but it was my father who insisted that I became a novise. After several depates I gave in to Kilmar’s will and started the training. It wasn’t unpleasant, quite the opposite infact, and I found myself enjoying the rites and the rutin that the training of a cleric came with.

This particular story begins when the Dùrin of my clan ordered me to go to Bloodford to visit Brun who was one of our clan. Brun was a skilled blacksmith but after the little magical accident, due which he lost all of his hair (also his beard), he didn’t bear to stay in Khaz Realgar and moved up to the north. I complitely understand his reasons, since I would do the same if I was him. The beard is the pride of a Dwarf and losing it is ingrediply shamefull, no matter what the sircumstances. Anyway, I was to visit Brun to see if he was doing well and to deliver greetings from the Dùrin.

The journey itself went well and I arrived to the small village without much ado. The meeting with Brun was, to put it shortly, awkward. How was I supposed to talk with a Dwarf who had lost his beard and not feel pity for him? Pity was the last thing he would have wanted. Dispite awkwardness of our first meetin we managed to get along and he told me about the village he had chosen to settle in.

He told about the grim history Bloodford and about the Battle of the Crimson Crossing. Of course I had heard about the infamous battle. All the self-respecting clerics of Kord new about it. I remember when news of the battle reached us. It was the high priest of our clergy who called us all together and told that he had had a vision of a battle that had displeased our god. During the following months we did our best to appease him but I doupt that in the end it did much good. He would get his conquest in a way or another. Back then, to tell the truth, I didn’t pay much attentions to the battle, I just did my duty and that was it. Had I known the role I was going to play in the events to come, I may have been more observant.

We were sitting by a fire and drinking suprisingly fine ale (though it was nothing compared to the stout my father always makes for Valdahaz* celeprations) when the bells rang. Immidiately I grapped my hammer and we run outside to see what was happening. It turned out that the undead were getting closer to the small settlement and more aggressively than before.

Me and Brun headed to the city wall

(To be continued)

*Dwarven harvest celebration and brewing of new ale.


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